Using Your Vehicle To Advertise And Promote Your Business

Posted on: 16 February 2022

If you use a vehicle for work every day, adding vinyl signs to the side or on the vehicle can be a great way to advertise your business while you are on the road. Letting people know who you are and what you do can drum up more business, and it is an excellent way to identify you when you pull up to a client's home or business.

Magnetic Signs

One common way to advertise or promote your business with your vehicle is with magnetic signs that stick to the door or other part of your car. These vinyl signs are made to order and placed on a sheet of flexible magnetic material so they can be put on and taken off your vehicle as needed. 

Magnetic vinyl signs also allow you to use them on any vehicle, so if you have several cars, you can put the signs on the vehicle you are driving that day. You can also use them on rental cars or if you are working with someone else that day and using their vehicle.

The cost of these magnetic vinyl signs is very reasonable, and they have a long lifespan if you take care of them. When you are not using the signs, you can remove them and put them in the trunk or inside your garage, where they will be safe until you need to put them on the vehicle again.

Vinyl Graphics

If you want a more permanent solution to advertising with your car, you can use vinyl signs applied directly to the vehicle. A vinyl sign shop can create your graphics with a computer program, then cut the pieces out of commercial-grade vinyl and apply it to the car for you.

The graphics can be die-cut pieces that all go together to create the sign, or it can be a single piece of vinyl with the information on it that is applied to the vehicle as one large sheet. Sometimes the large sheet is printed on a different color background than the vehicle body color and applied to a door to accent the sign on that door.

The effect can be great looking and very effective at drawing attention to it, and if you decide to sell the vehicle later, the vinyl can be removed, leaving the door under it looking great. 

Window Signs

Another excellent option for adding vinyl signs to your vehicle is to use window signs placed in the rear side windows of the vehicle. These vinyl signs are made using perforated vinyl placed on the glass but allow you to still see out the window, so you don't lose visibility while driving.

On the outside, they look like standard signs, can advertise your business or product effectively, and are easily removable later if necessary. A company like Auto Trim Group, Inc. has more information for you.