2 Possible Reasons Why Your Car Stereo's Door Speakers Keep Rattling

Posted on: 28 October 2020

While driving down the road, you may enjoy turning up the volume on your stereo so that you can enjoy your music during your commute. Have you noticed an annoying rattle coming from one of the door speakers lately? If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why the speaker keeps rattling.

1.  Mount Bolt Anchoring the Speaker Has Become Loose

One possible reason why your door speaker keeps rattling whenever you play your car stereo is that one of the mounting bolts that anchor the speaker to the door has become loose. When the mounting bracket is loose, any vibrations caused by the music will rhythmically move the speaker and cause the rattling noise.

To see if the bolt is loose, pop off the door's interior cover according to your car's manual. Then, try to tighten any bolts you find on the mounting bracket. 

If tightening the bolts does not solve the rattling issue, there is a possibility that the bracket itself may have become damaged from the excess movement of the speaker while the bolt was loose. In this case, you would need to replace the entire mounting bracket.

2.  Speaker Needs Sound-Deadening Mats Installed Around It

If the bolts are tight and the bracket is in good condition, another possible reason why your speaker keeps rattling is that there is not enough insulation around it. This is especially true if your stereo puts out a lot of bass, which will result in higher vibrations than normal when you turn the volume up.

To help counteract this issue without sacrificing your favorite music, you can install sound-deadening mats on the back and sides of the speakers. These mats will not only help control the rattling, but they will also help improve your overall sound quality because it will come out the front of the speaker instead of diffusing behind it.

If your car door speakers keep rattling, you may need to tighten one of the mounting bolts, replace the mount, or install sound-deadening mats around it. However, you may still be uncertain as to which plan of action you need to take. If so, speak with a representative at a shop that offers car stereo accessories for sale and explain the issues that you are having and have them point you in the right direction as to what you need to get to stop the excessive vibrations so that you can enjoy your music while driving down the road.