4 Common Problems With Auto Window Tinting

Posted on: 8 April 2021

Whether you already have window tinting in your car or want to get it, you should understand some of the issues that can develop. This will help you identify companies that do good work, and you'll also be able to determine when old auto window tinting needs to be replaced.


Indications of blurriness tend to occur at one of two possible times. You may see blurry window tinting right after it has been installed, but this usually just means it needs a couple of days to cure. If there are problems after five days or so, then you may need to have your tinting readdressed.

Tint can also get blurry as it ages. If you're seeing blurriness in your windows after several years of clarity, you should consider getting the tint replaced.


Two things encourage peeling. First, there may be moisture trapped between the film and the window. Normally, this should appear almost right after an install is finished, and it's a sign you should ask the technician to fix the job.

Second, peeling can be drive by excess heat. This problem shouldn't appear for many years unless you're subjecting the tint to extreme temperatures constantly. If you live in a cold region, you'll likely notice peeling start near the heating vents. Generally, this is a sign the auto window tinting materials are aged and failing.


This is another problem that can be driven by trapped moisture from a bad install. If you see bubbles forming long after the install, though, it may be due to excessive UV exposure. Typically, this happens when a car is nearly constantly parked in the sun in a region that never gets cloudy days.

Notably, cheap products may bubble sooner. If you used a DIY kit, for example, you may notice bubbling with six months or so of installing the tint.

Getting Darker

Darkening is seldom a sign of trouble. Usually, this happens because the film is starting to cure and working the way it should. Water in the film will dry, and the film will begin to fully adhere to the window.

If the window tinting appears to be too dark after several days, it's the choice of material that wasn't right. There is no easy way to simply tweak windows that ended up too dark. Talk with the folks at the shop that did the work to learn what their policy on adjustments and replacements is.

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