3 Things Car Covers Protect Against

Posted on: 23 July 2019

You saved for your dream car, and now that you have it, you aren't ready to leave it exposed to the elements. By doing something as simple as investing in a Corvette car cover, you can help to protect that specialty paint job and carefully installed interior. Here are three things that car covers protect against and why you should seriously consider investing in one of your own. 

1.    Falling Tree Debris 

Since sunlight can bleach car interiors and damage upholstery, you might park under trees whenever you can to prevent UV light damage. Unfortunately, trees can also cause debris to fall on your vehicle, which could damage auto glass, paint jobs, and tires. 

Falling branches can scratch paint on their way down, and heavier limbs may even bash in your windshield. Tree sap can be difficult to remove, and the resin-like structure of this naturally occurring surface could cause paint to chip off  your car if you don't take care of it promptly. Leaves can become lodged in the intake air valve of muscle cars, interrupting the engine's cooling system. 

However, by using a custom car cover, you can protect your vehicle from organic debris. Consider keeping a cover in your car and using it whenever you park underneath a tree for added protection.  

2.    Theft

When thieves can see your car, they are more likely to make it a target. A few drive-bys in the right light could make it easier for professional criminals to plan their attack, making it less likely that you would be able to be able to intervene to stop the theft. 

Car covers act as an easy physical barrier for thieves, simultaneously preventing unwanted attention while drawing attention if someone other than you works to uncover the car. If you park your car at home and plan to use a cover, tell neighbors to call the police if they notice anyone other than you or a family member uncovering the vehicle. 

3.    Door Dings

Thicker car covers can even prevent against scratches and door dings. For this reason, many people use car covers whenever they park in large or busy parking lots, such as work, amusement park, or grocery store lots. 

If you are serious about car care, work with a team of professionals who take accessories seriously. By visiting an auto parts store and talking with them about your needs, you can zero in on the best accessories for your vehicle, helping to protect the value of your car and prevent damage.