Traveling Incognito: How To Hide Your Racing Rides From The Public Eye

Posted on: 25 March 2016

Whether you are on the amateur or professional racing circuit, you probably need to transport your cars or other racing vehicles everywhere you go. If you do not want to advertise your muscle machines and you want to keep them hidden from the public eye, there are a few ways to travel incognito. Here are some of the best ways to hide your racing vehicles while you travel and prevent them from graffiti and other damages.

Sliding Tarp Systems and Drop-Bed Trailers

Sliding tarp systems wrap all the way around a flatbed trailer and completely hide your racing vehicles from view. If you also hire a driver and trucking company that utilizes drop bed trailers with sliding tarp systems, you can load other extreme vehicles, such as ATVs, motorcycles and/or motocross bikes on the upper platform of the these trailers and then load your racecar onto the dropped platform. The sliding tarp can be any solid color, but when you order plain white to hide your vehicles, no one else on the road has any idea that the flatbed is carrying some major muscle vehicles.

Tarp It Up and Tow It Behind Your Trailer/RV

When you are on the road in a trailer, touring from track to track, you could just attach your racecar to the rear of your RV/trailer and tow it. Regular people do it all the time with their passenger cars when they go on vacation in their motorhomes, so why not do it with your racecar? To keep it hidden from view, wrap your racecar with a protective automotive tarp and secure it underneath the car so the tarp cannot blow off or peel back as you are going down the highway towards your next race. (Taking your car around this way may even provide a deeper sense of security, since you can clearly see your vehicle at all times and you know that it is not getting into a crash somewhere).   

Load It onto a Car Hauler

If you have more than one racecar or recreational vehicle that you travel with, then maybe you would like to buy or rent the use of an automotive car hauler. Not only can you load and carry several tarped cars onto the car hauler, but also other vehicles, such as your favorite motorcycle or ATV. Then you can follow behind or ahead of the car hauler if you want to keep an eye on your prized vehicles.