Cheap Ways to Advertise Your Small Business with Your Car

Posted on: 6 July 2015

Exposure is key to helping you get your small business off the ground, and reaching as many customers as possible in your area is beneficial to your business's success. There are many ways you can advertise your business while driving around town. Discover a few great vehicle advertising options you can use for your small business here.

Car magnets

Car magnets announcing the name and slogan of your business are an excellent form of promotion, and can reach a wide audience in and around your location. Ninety-one percent of people who see a car magnet sign are able to remember both the company and the message it carries, making this avenue excellent for creating awareness in your own community. Custom magnets secure to your doors, giving other drivers clear view of your small business. Always include the

  • business name
  • phone number
  • slogan or logo
  • website or social media address

Window stickers

Window stickers applied to the back of your vehicle are very effective in advertising your business. When choosing window decals, always choose a lighter font that is easy to read against your window's transparent background, such as white, light blue, or spring green. Deeper colors such as black, purple, or dark green are great as border colors, but should be avoided as font. Window stickers are great for announcing your business's website or location, since you have ample space to include defining information on the back of your windows.

Many business owners choose to place their business name on their side windows in smaller print, then have their contact or location information on the back. This method of advertising allows a potential customer to retain most of the information they see when they view your vehicle while on the road.

Other advertising accessories

If you don't want to use your entire vehicle as a moving billboard for your business, there are other ways you can promote yourself without being too obvious. You can place a custom bumper sticker on your car that people can view when your vehicle is parked, or you can add a decal to your antennae that brings curiosity to people who stare at it. When using smaller means of advertising on your car, be ready to answer any questions people have as they inquire about your accessories in passing. This can help make your smaller marketing efforts more successful.

Your vehicle is a great way to promote your small business without a large monetary investment. Whether you want to use custom car magnets or a simple bumper sticker to get your name out there, your vehicle advertising is sure to draw positive attention.